Carlos Andrade


An innovative singer, guitarist, composer that has a strong sense for musical diversity.

the colombian born artist creates fusion in his music by adapting Multicultural, ethno-rhyhtms, with contemporary sounds of the music of today. The definition given to his innovation: world music. 

raised in a family of musicians, andrade's exposure into the music world began at an early age.  his calling  lead him to become a professional in his passion, hence he completed academic studies attending the university of miami besides his academic upbringing, andrade's artistic development is one led by a lifetime of experiences; each leading to the sensitive creation of his Music.. 

the "Andrade world music" project has come to existence, in means to satisfy the current brainstorming of influences and ideas, as well as to actively engage in performance to an audience interested in the innovative approach to universal music. 


andrade world musiC